Fawn Rescue

Setting The Fawn Free
by Marjorie McKenzie Davis

Setting The Fawn Free

Leap to Freedom

Leap to Freedom is no longer in print. Used copies available thru Amazon.

New in 2010!
Amazing True Stories of Wild Fawn Rescues.

Marjorie Davis, founder of Fawn Rescue, has written a new book "Setting the Fawn Free".
A magical journey into the world of wildlife! A world filled with respect for the wildness of nature's creatures. In "Setting The Fawn Free", Marj takes us into a deer's world of grace. She eloquently describes her many years of compelling and captivating experiences while giving these delicate creatures of the wild a second chance at life. A labor of love for one woman who dared to dream. Laugh and cry through "The Fawn That Fell From The Sky!", "Buck Adorned With Anklet", "Approach With Caution" and many more.

208 pages of stories and photos.

Only $14.95 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.

A gift for all occasions.

Proceeds of sales are donated as a fund-raiser for Fawn Rescue.


Fawn Rescue

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