Founded in 1989 by Marjorie Davis, Fawn Rescue is the only non-profit 501(c)(3) organization licensed to care for ill, injured or orphaned black-tailed fawns in Sonoma County. Fawn Rescue of Sonoma County’s professionally trained animal care volunteers are trained to handle, transport and rehabilitate fawns.

During fawn season (April-September), the organization provides 24/7 support to County residents and a number of animal care and law enforcement agencies, park rangers and veterinarians. To date, Fawn Rescue of Sonoma County has fielded over 35,000 calls for assistance, rescued more than 3,000 fawns, raised 360, rehabilitated and successfully reunited nearly 1,800 back into the wild. To learn more, click HERE to view or download the Fawn Rescue of Sonoma County Press Kit.


I have been the animal care coordinator for Fawn Rescue since 2014. As animal care coordinator some of my responsibilities include answering our phone line and responding to any necessary calls. I also handle all animal supervision and care with the goal to release the fawns back into the wild with the help of our hard-working volunteers. My schooling background is in pharmacy, but my fawn training comes from Marj Davis, the founder of fawn rescue. Marj Is always available to help with any questions that come up. Learning from her is an honor and following in her footsteps is a big responsibility. Fawn Rescue deals with up to 100 wild animals every year by rescuing orphaned, trapped and injured fawns at any time of the day or night, rain or shine. When the fawns are behaving themselves, I enjoy coaching baseball and hiking in our beautiful Sonoma County Parks. I am a longtime Kenwood resident and proud parent of two young boys, Jacob and Aiden, and husband to Anastacia Wolfe.


Marjorie Davis is the founder of Fawn Rescue of Sonoma County. A lifelong (99 years long!) wildlife advocate, she is the author of wildlife manual, Black-tailed Fawns - Care in Captivity used throughout the U.S. and Canada and Leap to Freedom, a collection of real-life rescue and rehabilitation stories. She wrote a Fawn Protocol, adopted for use by the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, pursued a cause and cure for two unidentified diseases, Deerpox Virus and Hair Loss Syndrome and led the creation of the first fawn formula for nursing fawns. Marjorie has compiled an impressive record of personal and professional achievements - a record that has earned her the admiration and respect of all.


I was born in New York City, lived most of my life in California. In high school I was a poor student but became very interested in learning while in college. I attended Community College and got an AA degree, transferred to U.C. Berkeley and received my B.A. in landscape architecture, graduating with honors. My interests include photography, music (try to play piano, guitar, and ukulele), travel, curious about how things work (science, astronomy, etc.), wood working, mentoring, protecting our environment, and writing books. I spent 33 years working with CalTrans as a landscape architect, then retired. I had quite diverse experience working in the Bay Area. Regarding Community Activities, I am VERY interested in improving my community, am on boards of non-profit organizations, ran and was elected for public office for a local recreation district, and remain a mentor for over 8 years.

A San Francisco native, I moved to Sonoma in 1989 where I worked in the multimedia field. I have a lifelong passion for animals and wildlife. In 1991 I answered a newspaper article by Marj Davis, founder of Fawn Rescue, asking for help with PSAs. As a student at Sonoma State U majoring in Communication Studies, I replied, she accepted, and it has been love with Fawn Rescue ever since! Helping with causes like Fawn Rescue is an honor and a privilege for which I am grateful. Newsletter editor and webmaster are the other hats that I wear.  

Star recently re-joined Fawn Rescue of Sonoma County as a Board Member this October and is excited to be back assisting this incredibly unique, nonprofit wildlife rescue organization. She is fulfilled by supporting a non-profit focused on the protection and preservation of Sonoma County's cherished Black-tailed deer population.

I grew up in Glen Ellen and have lived in Santa Rosa most of my adult life.  A spot on the Fawn Rescue board opened up in 2017 and I was lucky enough to join. I’m a dad to Lily and have been a friend of our Animal Care Coordinator Matt for many years. My favorite things are redwoods, Half Dome, and going to A’s games.


I moved to California in 1973 from Florida and settled into Sonoma County in 1979.  I began my wildlife rehabilitation by volunteering at Bird Rescue Center in 1980 till 1995.  At that I joined together with other wildlife rehabbers to form the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators (becoming a founding member).  In 1998 I was appointed to the Sonoma County Fish & Wildlife Commission and still serving today.  In 2013 Marg Davis approached me about joining the Fawn Rescue Board serving until 2016; and again on the Board 2021.   Caring and protection our native wildlife has been a passion along with protection of the environment.