As a nonprofit organization, we depend solely on public and private donations to provide the public safety service we do and to ensure the local Black-tailed deer population thrives. Although we are small, it doesn't mean our needs are not great. Quite the contrary. In order to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many fawns as possible, our most immediate, essential and costliest needs like formula, pen supplies, medical + veterinary care and animal care must be addressed.

By funding a need, you have the opportunity to select and donate to any of our critical needs. Specifying a need will gift you with transparency, in that you will know where 100% of your funds will go and be used for. Give a fawn a second chance at thriving in the wild and FUND-A-NEED today!

Our biggest need is funding for fawn formula. Each season, we spend an upwards of $10,000 on fawn formula. This is due to the frequency of feeding fawns require for proper nutrition, health and growth.

Each season, we rescue, raise and rehabilitate an upwards of 100 fawns, ranging in age from newborns to a few months old. Depending upon their age, a fawn can consume up to 6 bottles of formula a day. A single fawn can go through one, 5-gallon bucket of formula in just a month’s time.

Your funding of our formula need will help give fawns the proper nourishment for a fighting chance at a healthy life. Click the icon below or HERE to donate today! 


To address the multitude of infections, diseases, unfortunate accidents or ailments, comes at a big cost.

To save a fawn’s life, medical tools, supplies, antibiotics, prescription medications and veterinary services are a must. Fawns require the most delicate of care. Your funding of our medical supplies and veterinary care needs will help treat, mend and possibly cure these already vulnerable creatures.

Funding our medical supplies and veterinary care need will give fawns a second chance at life and survival in the wild. Click the icon below or HERE to donate today!


Pen supplies are crucial to a fawn’s successful rehabilitation. The construction of a satellite facility requires the purchase of raw materials like wood, fencing, stakes, gates and tarps. Shovels, rakes, tools and machinery are also needed to build facilities to meet the specifications of the CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.

Each pen within the satellite facility can also require the purchase of additional items like bedding, nursing stations, water and food bowls, ground cover, bottles, disinfectants, cleaners, towels, gloves, etc.

Your funding of our pen supplies need will help keep fawns in a safe, clean environment – and more importantly, keep fawns alive. Click the icon below or HERE to donate today!


In order to save fawns’ lives, we must have professionally trained Animal Care Coordinators at the ready to receive and respond to calls for assistance. Caring for the influx of fawns we rescue each season is demanding, highly specialized work.

Each fawn we rescue has its own set of circumstances, challenges. Therefore, the animal care a fawn receives must be personalized to meet its individual needs for a successful rehabilitation.

Your funding of our Animal Care need will help keep fawns alive with dedicated, individualized, compassionate attention. Click the icon below or HERE to donate today!