Fawn Rescue of Sonoma County's achievements have been published in national magazines, syndicated newspapers, network and cable television, radio, and public service videos.

The organization and its founder, Marjorie Davis have also been recognized for the countless efforts to preserve and protect the local Black-tailed deer population. Various awards received:

  • California Legislature and Assembly Resolution for unparalleled achievements for wildlife and the public
  • California Department of Fish and Game Director’s Achievement Award for outstanding support of wildlife protection and conservation
  • Statement of Appreciation from Wildlife Investigations Laboratory of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for pioneering techniques in the rehabilitation of fawns
  • United States Congressional Recognition award as one of the twenty-five top Bay Area volunteers and for outstanding and invaluable service to the community.
  • Sonoma Ecology Center Environmental Award in recognition of outstanding contributions for our environment and our community
  • American Red Cross Award for many years of dedication to the rescue of ill, orphaned and injured deer, and
  • Earth Elders of Sonoma County award in recognition of devotion to the work necessary to sustain life on this planet for future generations.

For over 30 years, this small non-profit has, and continues to make significant, positive impacts on the safety and health of the greater ecosystem. Fawn Rescue is the only organization:

  • To have partnered with an animal nutrition company to recreate a doe’s milk for manufacture and distribution to other rescue agencies and veterinarians throughout the western region;
  • To have worked with wildlife pathologists to help identify new types of diseases affecting the local Black-tailed species. This partnership resulted in the discovery of diseases like Deer PoxVirus and Hair Loss Syndrome (new to CA).